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Rory H. Mather

Rory H. Mather

Children's Author

Rory H. Mather, like most small children, enjoys a good picture book…the thing is Rory is not small, or a child, in fact he is 6ft tall (which basically means he is a giant) and recently entered his 30s (which almost certainly means he is old). He lives in Toowoomba, Qld where his hobbies are reading, writing and table tennis – some say he could have gone pro. He is also quite partial to dogs, cake, pies and his lovely wife Georgia – although he only eats the cakes and pies. For a time, Rory worked in public libraries where his role was delivering kidlit programs such as story time and baby rhyme time…he even got to play with some robots. Rory is always down for a chat so please reach out if you want to know more.

His website is: roryhmather.com

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PO Box 659, Miranda, NSW, 1490