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Anne Donnelly

Anne Donnelly

Children's Author & Illustrator

Anne always loved to read, write and draw. Much to her parent’s shock, when she was five, she drew on every single step on the staircase her father had just painted. No wonder she was quiet for so long! So, after that, it was back to drawing on the underside of the kitchen table. And she was creative in other ways, baking a cake in the carpet.

Yes, Anne was a handful as a child. And now, she continues to take every opportunity to act like a child and have fun with children as she takes her author presentations to schools, preschools and libraries.

Anne loves to introduce information and teach in a way that is fun and will entice children. Her latest book, which is still selling in places like the zoo and the Maritime Museum, tells all about how little people can take care of their environment.

Anne has three picture books out in her Ori Octopus series and has had a short story published in a children’s magazine. She continues to write and create resources that are fun and sneakily educational, such as her new Clean Up Earth videos, free on her website.

Anne has a varied background, first becoming a scientist, then a health care manager and now she continues to create for children. She figures, surely someone with such a varied background will have something interesting to say!

Website: annehelendonnelly.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AnneHelenDonnelly

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PO Box 659, Miranda, NSW, 1490